Find Your Legislators - click to find your State Senator and State Representative who serve in the CT General Assembly and make state laws, as well as your U.S. Representative (i.e., Congressman of Congresswoman) who serves in the federal House of Representatives and, with CT's two U.S. Senators, make federal laws.

CT General Assembly - click to go to the state legislature's web site, where you can search for statutes, pending legislation, public hearing testimony, and more, such as reports and summaries of laws or proposed laws from non-partisan staff offices.

CT-N Live Coverage - when the state legislature (i.e., CT General Assembly) is in session, many committee hearings and meetings, as well as debates on the floor of the House and Senate, are covered live by CT-N.  While many legislators and committees work throughout the year on proposals, the state legislature is officially "in session" from January to June in odd-numbered years, and from February to May in even-numbered years.  State laws can be amended or adopted only when the legislature is officially in these regular sessions.  Special sessions are sometimes called by the Governor at other times of the year to amend or adopt laws or state budgets not dealt with during a regular session.

State Agency Links - click here for links to the Governor's Office and all state agencies, i.e., State Government's Executive Branch.  State Agency Regulations are online (eRegulations system)

State Courts - click here to go to the State Government's Judicial Branch.  The court expands public access to civil court files on the internet, beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

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