New Home Construction Contractor (NHCC) Registration

Dept of Consumer Protection, Dept. of Public Health, and Dept. of Agriculture jointly announce the release of their new e-license lookup web site (Sept. 8, 2010). (click on the pdf to see the press release; or go directly to the e-license web site). Look up any licensed or registered trade or professional in CT.

2004 article on the requirements of the new home construction contractor registration act. ALERT: See links below on the 2006 and 2009 changes to the NHCC and HIC Registration Acts.  More recent changes may also have been adopted by the legislature - be sure to check with your attorney for current law.  As of Nov 2016, here's the law as posted on the General Assembly's web site.  The NHCC application can be downloaded from DCP’s web site.

2006 changes to the New Home Construction Contractor registration notice, adopted by Public Act 06-73, An Act Concerning Homeowners, Home Improvement Contractors and New Home Construction Contractors. Most of Public Act 06-73 deals with new home construction; the only change to the home improvement contractor registration act in PA 06-73 is the requirement to include the HIC registration number in HIC contracts. This legislation became effective on May 30, 2006.

Legislature adopts new consumer notice requirements for both home builders and remodelers - effective July 1, 2009.

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