Affordable & Workforce Housing

Legislature musters enough votes to override Malloy housing veto - repasses 2017 8-30g bill by just one vote in each chamber. Other three vetoes not challenged.  Article on 2017 changes to 8-30g (Affordable Housing Appeals Act) - from Shipman & Goodwin; See Partnership for Strong Communities' summary of 8-30g bill.

NAHB-State Survey of Housing Appeals Statutes (June 2017)

NAHB Inclusionary Zoning Primer (Sept 2015)

Watch the oral argument in the State Supreme Court in Brenmor Properties, LLC v. Lisbon Planning & Zoning Commission - arguing an 8-30g case (Affordable Housing Appeals Act)

Gov. Malloy Announces $55 Million in Funding to Advance Development of Affordable Housing Across the State - 590 existing units to be renovated along with common area upgrades, while only 120 new units to be created, for a total average subsidy of $77,465/unit.  Only a portion of the 710 total units considered "affordable" in 13 total projects.

White House Releases Housing Development Tool Kit - highlights regulatory barriers to housing development and outlines tools and strategies that local governments can use to diminish the impact they have on housing production and affordability (9-27-16); White House Housing Development Toolkit - NAHB Analysis (Oct 2016)

Partnership for Strong Communities' Municipal Resources webpage; Local Incentive Housing Zone & Similar Regulations.

Each $1,000 Increase in Price of a New Home Forces 206,000 Prospective Buyers Out of the Market Across the Nation - New NAHB study demonstrates the impact that fees, taxes and regulatory costs have on potential home buyers; The variables of median home prices, incomes and housing supply determine local/state impacts - study breaks down the impact by states.

Too Little Affordable Housing in Connecticut, says Partnership for Strong Communities report

CT Housing Still Expensive, Still Scarce - CT News Junkie

CT's New Department of Housing - HUD User

HOME Connecticut News (link to the Partnership for Strong Communities) - CT's groundbreaking workforce housing law adopted in 2007 (Incentive Housing for Economic Development, Conn General Statutes, Chapter 124b). The HBRA worked tirelessly in 2006 and 2007 to support the Incentive Housing legislation, including setting up a meeting between a group of HBRA members and Governor Rell to convince her of the legislation's merits. See HBRA's open letter to all legislators. Legislators finally saw its tremendous benefits and adopted it as sections 33 and 38-50 of Public Act 07-4, June Special Session.

Inclusionary Housing: Policy, Practical, and Legal Challenges to Inclusionary Zoning - a Resource Manual from NAHB.

8-30g, Affordable Housing Appeals Act (as of 1-1-13); CT's Affordable Housing Appeals Annual Listings (DECD web site)

Testimony on Affordable Housing Appeals Act before the state legislature's Housing Committee (Feb 2009). Liz Verna, then HBRACT First Vice President and Chair, Government Affairs Committee, convincingly defends the affordable housing appeals act, C.G.S. sec. 8-30g.  Similar testimony has been presented to the legislature each and every year unacceptable threats to 8-30g occur.  For example, see:

  • Testimony before the legislature's Housing Committee. (2-8-13)

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