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2015 State Legislative Session

2015 Session Wrap Up - report on bills that passed and those that did not. (June 9, 2015)

HBRA CT Opposes Higher State Spending and More Taxes "We're headed in the wrong direction.  ...  We're not asking the state to do more with less.  We're demanding the state to do less with less." (May 11, 2015)

The HBRA of CT's advocacy and issue policy efforts are governed by the association's Government Affairs Committee, a diverse group of HBRA members from across the state. Advocacy and policy work is managed by professional staff.

All HBRA members are invited to participate on the Government Affairs Committee, or any one or more of its issue specific GA Task Groups. You DO NOT need to know anything about the capitol or how lobbying works; what we need is your experience and expertise on industry issues - just contact Bill Ethier, HBRA CT's CEO, at bethier@hbact.org.

HBRA's 2015 State Legislative Priorities  (as of 5-5-15; You won't believe the legislation we're opposing.)

Early in 2014, the HBRA Joined CBIA's CT20x17 Campaign - Working to make Connecticut a top 20 state for business by 2017.  See CBIA's "Kick Start Our Economy" for a quick summary of the campaign, or go to the CT20x17 web site.

As committee deadlines for voting on bills come and go, our priority bills will be listed here.  These priority bills are the Issues List we present at our Annual Home Building Industry Day at the Capitol (to be held on April 7, 2015, 7:30 - 12 noon):

One major topic on our Issues List above involves changing the Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) registration program to a licensing program.  In June 2014, the HBRA of CT filed testimony with the Dept. of Consumer Protection regarding the agency's study of home improvement contractor licensing.  The DCP report (5.1 MB) was issued in July 2014.  HBRA of CT testimony was attached to the agency report.  See HB 5785 in the Issues List above for the proposal in the legislature.

The 2015 session started on Jan. 7, 2015, and ran through to June 3, 2015.

Other key links and docs:

  • FIND YOUR LEGISLATORS. Everyone has two state legislators who represent them (1 state representative, who serves in the state House; and 1 state Senator, who serves in the state Senate).
    • We strongly urge HBRA members to get to know their state legislators: Call them, email them, invite them for a cup of coffee and teach them about your business and the issues and concerns you have. The HBRA of CT debates issues and policies, delivers testimony and produces talking points, but much of our legislative success comes down to relationships our members have with legislators. Legislators want to do right by their constituents, and if you don't have even a casual relationship with them, then they will first think of other constituents.
    • We are also represented in Washington DC by federal legislators, i.e., a US Representative (Congressman or Congresswoman) and two US Senators; NAHB handles federal issues, whereas HBRACT focuses on the state legislature and state agencies.
  • The Legislative Process in Connecticut
  • Tips When Talking with Legislators
  • Directions to State Capitol Building and Legislative Office Building (LOB), Hartford - the new Security/Screening Procedures noted on the directions have been implemented as of September 2014.
  • Connecticut General Assembly web site.

Other policy and viewpoints:

Things you should know about the state HBRA's advocacy work:

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