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2017 State Legislative Session Wrap-Up - by Bill Ethier, CEO

2016-2017 Resolution for a Better Connecticut - HBRACT urges all state and local lawmakers to embrace this resolution.

Connecticut is facing a corporate migration crisis -"It's not the cheapest place to do business ... but it's not that bad"

What on Earth is Wrong With Connecticut? - The Atlantic

Arrogance, disdain and an unprecedented failure to lead - CT Viewpoints

Wall street agency warns CT budgets will be bleak for years - Fixed costs to blame; So, legislators, FIX the FIXED COSTS!

How the Mass. economy overtook Connecticut - Can Trump pull Connecticut out of its slump? Answer may be a new suburban oasis, but it depends on lower home prices.

Regulatory Hurdles in Connecticut - So many ways builders are beat down in CT and, then, we all lose...

Mandate to install fire sprinklers in all new 1&2 family homes overwhelming defeat (7-18 vote) in Public Safety Committee should send strong message to proponents.  But, they're not listening and trying once again to mandate sprinklers be installed in every new home.

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Legislature to hold veto session July 24 - to review and possibly override Governor's four (4) vetoes.

Connecticut jumps 10 spots to 33rd in 2017's business ranking - In a tie for most improved over 2016.

Connecticut's 2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Shake the Money Tree - so far, 8 Republicans and 5 Democrats are in the game.

Governor Malloy meets with non-profit housing organizations to discuss state budget's impact

Now weeks into the new fiscal year (which began July 1), still no deal on the state budget.  We'll report when there's some real movement.

Day Seven of the 2017 Budget Impasse - "Nobody is agreeing with anybody at the moment."

CT Supreme Court rules that an individual who provides services to only one company can be an independent contractor - a significant win for business community.

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